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About the product

Lean Body Program Vanilla is a comprehensive, science-based nutrition program designed to support fat loss and a healthy body composition.** Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make this program easy to follow and to ensure that you do not miss any necessary nutrients. Take one delicious drink mix packet mixed in water along with one capsule packet twice daily, preferably at breakfast, lunch or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Follow the simple food plan from the guide book and you are on your way to achieving a leaner and healthier body.** For maintenance, take one drink mix packet and one capsule packet daily and continue to follow the simple food plan.

Program contains:

ProLean Powder (single serving drink mix packets) is a great-tasting, nutrient-rich functional food powder designed to support healthy weight management.** Mix one powder packet with 10 oz. water in a blender or shaker bottle and drink twice daily. Each serving provides 16 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and fuel a healthy metabolism.** This easy-to-digest protein comes from non-GMO, North American grown yellow peas, providing an excellent array of amino acids, including healthy levels of the important BCAAs (branched chain amino acids).

ProLean Powder is formulated to help promote an optimal intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for overall wellness. Additionally, glucomannan and fiber are included to support satiety, blood sugar balance and drink texture. This formula is ideal for individuals needing support with weight control, GI health, immune issues, and muscle maintenance. **

ProLean Powder has a pleasant Vanilla flavor, a smooth texture, and mixes easily in water. It does not contain dairy, gluten, or lactose, and is sweetened with the natural herb stevia.

Capsule packet contains:
ThermoBoost (1 capsule) 
is designed to assist with healthy weight management by safely supporting the body’s metabolic rate without causing any stimulant-associated side effects often seen with other weight loss products. **

Carnitine Supreme (2 capsules) combines L-carnitine and its acetylated form into one capsule. Research has demonstrated that carnitine supports fat burning by helping to transport fats into the mitochondria of the cells where fat can be burned and converted into energy. In addition to fat burning, carnitine also helps support sports endurance and recovery, heart health, and the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. **

MetaboLean (2 capsules) is a comprehensive endocrine and metabolic balancing formula designed to promote optimal body composition by supporting normal levels of the hormones insulin, leptin and cortisol. This product also helps support appetite regulation, proper blood sugar levels, and a healthy stress response. The ingredients in MetaboLean support the overall objective of the Lean Body Program Vanilla, which is to help people lose body fat while maintaining muscle (lean body mass). **

Made with Non-GMO Ingredients.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.